ABC News. #ScreenTime

#SCREENTIME- What does the word trigger for you?

For the last 6 months I’ve been working on an ABC News special tackling an important topic of our generation…#ScreenTime.  In our reporting, we learned that American adults spend the equivalent of 49 days a year on their phone and tablets. For six months our team, led by Diane Sawyer, traveled across the country to pursue questions, answers and solutions to how we use screens.

On the journey to the 2-hour ABC News #ScreenTime special we connected with families, parents, children, teens, pediatricians, psychologists, neuroscientists, industry leaders, and data and privacy experts.

The ABC News special highlights experiments including one showing the potential impact on babies and toddlers when parents are on their screens for just two minutes, actors posing as job candidates who are distracted by their phones, and college students feeling pressure to retouch and edit photos for social media in an endless quest for likes and comments.

We also took a look at the popularity of video games- helping parents understand how to know if their kids are in trouble.

For the report, ABC news connected with experts who help guide viewers towards practical solutions for families.

If you missed the special “ScreenTime: Diane Sawyer Reporting” which aired Friday, May 3 on  ABC, you can watch the story at the links below.


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PART 1: Family takes us into their home to show how much time is spent on screens
PART 2: Letting screen time get between you and your child
PART 3: Experts say some companies use manipulation tactics to keep us online
PART 4: Schools across the country crack down on student phone usage
PART 5: Not just humans – screen time has big effect on man’s best friend
PART 6: Parents band together to discuss how to get kids and adults off their devices
PART 7: Why we should care about the fine print in apps’ privacy policies
PART 8: Tim Cook: I think people ‘ought to put their phone down’ more often
PART 9: Helping kids with gaming issues move away from video games
PART 10: Experiment suggests having phone out during interview can hurt prospects
PART 11: Family makes changes to their screen time usage and sees big differences